Monday, August 30, 2010

My Squirrel Friends

In our backyard, we have tons of little creatures that like to visit and take some nuts from our trees. Well, my dogs have never seen a squirrel before! You'd think there would be plentiful in Germany, but really we don't get a lot of animals in our yard like we do here. Needless to say, Meesha and Sammy have their own personal TV in front of the window.

I've noticed some old crackers and almonds in our cabinets lately, so one day I decided to feed the squirrels =D. They seemed to enjoy the free and easy to get food for the day, and my dogs sure enjoyed watching them!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I haven't had much to blog about lately. My life is kinda boring. Hopefully something fun will come up to blog about soon, haha! But for now, here is something amazing to drool over: an amazing, delicious, mouth-watering piece of vegan cheesecake. I bought a slice from Whole Foods a while back and it was orgasmic. Very filling too. Now stare and drool, then go google a recipe to make your own cause that's definitely what I did!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Farmer's Market

I lied. I didn't go to Veggie Fest this year =( I'm really bummed about it, but things came up and I just didn't want to go alone. I WILL go to Veggie Fest one year. I heard it was awesome... booo Carla for not going =(

But I did do something fun this weekend. Me and my mom went to the local Farmer's Market on Friday. It was my first experience shopping there and it was awesome. When we first got there, we saw a bunch of tents with TONS of fruits and veggies just waiting for us to buy. We definitely bought a whole weeks worth of produce. Our fridge is beyond full of yumminess. They even had a variety of nuts that we just had to try and we went home with a lot of flavored pecans. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been lazy.

There is no excuse...I have been lazy. It's been a while, I know! Since I last blogged, a lot has happened but I have just not been in the blogging mood. I have grown out of my funk.

My sister's wedding was on the 31st of July and we all had an amazing time. The wedding was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous, us bride's maids were gorgeous, and it was totally awesome seeing all of our friends and family in one building dancing the night away, not to mention drinking....a lot....

After the wedding, I have just been lounging around. The weather here in Illinois has been awesome, but the mosquitos here have been HORRIBLE! I wanted to sit outside yesterday and let Meesha and Sammy play while I read a book, but I got attacked by 500 mosquitos the second I sat down. Needless to say every part of my body itches. It sucks being inside because you are afraid to go outside and deal with the blood suckers!

I am so ready for autumn. It is definitely my favorite time of year. The leaves fall, pretty colors everywhere, hoodie weather, the anticipation of Christmas, woo can't wait!

Yesterday, my mom came home late from work and nobody really planned dinner. I told my mom that her and my father are more than welcome to eat my meat-substitutes in the freezer and we can all have a cruelty free dinner =) And that is exactly what we did!

My dad turned on the grill, we added 2 veggie burgers (one for me, one for dad) and one Gardein chik'n scallopi (mom wanted a "chicken" sandwhich). We grilled up the "meat", served it with Ezekiel hamburger buns, ketchup, mustard, onions, and lettuce and away we ate. Dad said he didn't even notice the difference. I am so happy my meat eating stubborn father enjoyed a veggie burger. WOOO HOOO!

Awesome news here in Illinois, Veggie Fest is tomorrow! Me and Mom are going and I am so excited. Admission is free, there are going to be tons of guest speakers, live music, vendors, yummy food, ect ect!! I CANNOT WAIT. I will definitely let everyone know how my first Veggie Fest went =)