Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ever since I moved back to Illinois temporarily, I decided what better way to pass the time then to sign up for the gym? I've had a few gym memberships but I always cancel them usually because I rarely went. Last time I cancelled it, I was moving to Germany but I actually did go a lot. I missed that gym...but woohoo I'm back!

I signed up again and decided to try out some classes. I wont lie, me and cardio don't get along. I tried a step class and nearly died. Yeah I'm definitely out of shape, but at least I tried. So after that bad experience, I stuck to the eliptical and treadmill for cardio. I've done yoga plenty of times before, so this time I decided why not try pilates? I heard nothing but great things about pilates so I gave it a go.

Well after my first class, my entire core was throbbing. I couldn't even cough without my abs feeling sore. It was AWESOME. Obviously this class works. I now go 2 times a week, every week! It's actually a very relaxing class and I feel totally better after I leave. I will for sure keep up with this when I move back to Germany.

If you're not sure what pilates really is, check out this video. It shows pretty much what we do in class when it comes to our core. And GIVE IT A TRY!

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