Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Favorite Food Ever...

I'm a simple girl. Really I am. Even when I was an animal consumer back in the day...I never ate anything extravagant. Simple to me is best.

I literally eat this wrap everyday for lunch. Okay so maybe I am simple and boring...but hey this isn't a food blog, this is a Carla blog so I say what I want! Ha ha ha. Anyway, when I tried this wrap it was love at first bite.

The tortilla I use could be better. It's wheat...and that's about all it has "good" wise. I just honestly don't have any better options out here for me. When I go home next month (woohoo!) I plan to try the Ezekial tortillas I keep hearing about.

Inside I spread roasted red pepper hommus, then add red onions, cucumbers, and chopped up red bell peppers. Sometimes when I'm really feeling it I add lettuce and drizzle some olive oil....cause holy moly do I love olive oil.


  1. That sounds delicious!!!!! I haven't tried the Ezekiel tortillas but I have some of the bread sitting in my freezer :) I wonder if you could take some back to Germany with you, or if that's illegal customs-wise. Or if I could send some to you :) hehehe.

  2. I'm going to try the Ezekiel brand when I'm home, and if I totally love it I am going to ask my mom to send me some every few weeks! I figured I could freeze them if anything lol!

  3. YUM! I just started making veggie wraps myself. Mine have hummus with roasted pine nuts, mixed greens, green bell peppers, spinach, & onions. I want to try some with cucumbers & radish, too! Thanks for following :) I love your blog!