Monday, March 29, 2010

Amy's Natural Frozen Food

Everyone needs a little convenience in their life. For me, becoming a vegan, I thought how bad it would suck not being able to just buy a frozen pizza and pop it in the oven on a lazy Sunday and there's dinner!

Well I am sooo happy to say that I definitely don't need to worry about that!

Amy's is an awesome natural frozen food company that makes a ton of vegan options! Everything they make is natural, organic, no GMOs, ect ect! It's awesome. I wanted to share what my favorite Amy's products are so far. Here on a military post, the grocery store doesn't carry all of Amy's products. So the three that I have found are absolutely awesome.

Here is possibly my favorite pizza I have ever eaten. Before becoming a vegan, I swear I could have lived off of pizza for the rest of my life. Knowing I had to give up cheese was a sad day. But when I found this pizza, I realized I do not need cheese to eat a good pizza! Granted, there is vegan cheese out there. But they do not sell it here.

This is the vegetable roasted pizza. It has no cheese and its topped with yummy organic shiitake mushrooms, roasted red peppers, sweet onions, and artichoke hearts. Can you say DELICIOUS? A non dairy pizza. Genius.

This is the black bean vegetable enchilada. I remember first trying this, sceptical because of the tofu. Totally delicious. I love all the spices and it just tastes down right amazing.

It's made with an organic corn tortilla, filled with organic black beans, tofu, and vegetables. Covered with an amazing Mexican sauce.

I'm pretty sure this burger is my life saver. I haven't found a soy burger this good until I tried this. It tastes amazing. Way better than the vegan Boca burger by far. Knowing that I can still participate in BBQs with this burger makes me happy inside. I brought this baby along to my friend's BBQ and while everyone had cow burgers, I had a delicious cruelty free soy burger :) But it looked like I was eating a cow...seriously for a second I had to double check the ingredients and make sure there were no animals in there!

This burger is made with protein rich soy combined with a blend of vegetables and grains and has a barbecue flavor to it! I am so excited for the weather warming up knowing we can grill outside with this burger :) This burger doesn't have to be heated on a grill though, I have used it in the oven a few times! Or even on a skillet. It's awesome!

Again, Amy's has a lot of products but I am only available to a few. And these three are by far my favorite!

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