Friday, July 9, 2010

My First Trip To Whole Foods

As I promised, I will now update you all about how the Smart Dogs were last night from my previous post. THEY WERE AWESOME. After a long shopping spree at Whole Foods yesterday, we came home and heated up some Smart Dogs. We bought sprouted grain hot dog buns and organic ketchup (sweetened with agave nectar) and organic mustard. We heated them up on the stove top with boiling water, literally took maybe 5 minutes. A very quick and delicious dinner. My meat eating mother with an open vegan mind loved them. I haven't had a real nasty hot dog in forever. Eating these cruelty-free hot dogs was so much more awesome then those nasty ones.

Anyway, back to Whole Foods, I finally got to visit this popular store. I was definitely excited when I saw how big the store actually was. I was expecting something a lot smaller; I guess a lot more people buy organic and natural than I thought. That's cool =)

We entered the store and saw a butt load of fresh produce. We bought a little bit of everything...oranges, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, kale, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, cilantro, ect ect! I can go on for a while. I also told my mom about quinoa and she is excited to try some now.

I bought a lot of the "fake" foods made for vegans so I can simply say I've tried them. I want to change my diet completely to a lot less processed foods, but I just want the pleasure of trying some fake cheese, more flavors of soy ice cream, and maybe a little tempeh (hopefully I figure out how to cook it). I'm excited about the cheese. We are going to home make a pizza crust tonight and make some sauce, add some grilled veggies on top followed by the Daiya cheese I bought! I will update later on how the cheese tasted ;)

The best part about my experience yesterday is when I asked the bakery there if they made vegan desserts. They totally did! Well, I'm not sure if they actually make them, but the lady said they special order from The Chicago Diner and they can even special order a birthday cake for me in September =D

All in all, great store! I can't wait to go back already...

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