Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smart Dogs

So being back in the states is totally awesome. Mom took me to the grocery store yesterday and I was so excited about all the selections I now have! Back in Germany I felt so limited. Now I am ridiculously excited about trying all the new and yummy sounding foods everyone keeps talking about. Fake cheese here I come...

We didn't visit Whole Foods yet, we are actually going there today! Yesterday we just visited the regular grocery store, but I am pleasantly surprised at all the good food they carry now. They have a small aisle dedicated to organic produce, which wasn't the best selection but I was happy that they even carried some. It shows people have been buying and asking for organic and that's a huge plus. Also all over the store they had a ton of organic options next to regular options, like cool is that?

So yesterday we only quickly stopped by to pick up a few things so I didn't look around the whole store. But I did pick up something I wanted to try...fake hot dogs! I have tried the veggie burgers, which I love, but veggie hot dogs sound like something fun I could bring to BBQ's too. The brand we bought is called Lightlife Smart Dogs. They look really good, and I will update with how they tasted later since we are grilling them tonight!

Today when we visit Whole Foods, I plan to buy some fake cheese, maybe some soy cream, and I'm looking forward to a lot of organic and delicious fruits and veggies.

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