Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Raccoon!

My parents live in Illinois, the prairie state! They live right by a prairie actually. Growing up, my backyard was pretty much tall grass with the occasional deer visit. I love it though.

Well my mom called me a few days ago telling me how she let the dog outside, and immediately he spots a baby animal in our backyard. She took a closer look and called my dad to check it out too. My parents are so cute. They are native Polish, so they didn't know what the animal was called in English. My dad took a few pictures and they called me up asking me what this animal was called so they could all the wild life center for advice. Turns out it was a raccoon!

I just had to share the pictures my dad took. Baby animals have a special place in my heart. I was so worried about this little guy too! He looks so young and he was all alone!

My parents called the wild life center and the very helpful lady told them to leave him be and check on him tomorrow morning. Sometimes baby animals walk off from their mamas, and since raccoons are nocturnal they told my mom that Mama Raccoon wont collect him until night time. Sure enough, after keeping an eye on him all day, the next morning Baby Raccoon was gone. We can only assume Mama Raccoon came and got him.

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