Friday, April 9, 2010

Vegan Ice Cream Anyone?

Life just wouldn't be complete without ice cream, and amazingly enough there are a ton of dairy free ice creams out there!

Of course, the grocery store we go to only carries one brand and one flavor. But the thing is I totally don't mind because it's so good! It definitely tastes almost exactly like dairy ice cream and it's so creamy.

The one I buy is called "Organic SO Delicious Dairy Free" I have only tried the Creamy Vanilla and it really is so yummy. Why eat regular icky dairy ice cream when you can have a soy based ice cream that does the trick?

I usually have a bowl every week, sometimes twice a week, and top it with chocolate sauce (vegan of course). I even made a milkshake with this ice cream and a bunch of mixed berries. It tasted amazing!

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